Debra Luster – Owner & Historian Photographer

Elegant Images by Debra has been taking pictures for over 20 years. We’ve taken pictures for as few people as a couple who wanted to document a special event in their lives and for as many as a couple of thousand, celebrating their founder at a church event.
We’ve documented famous singers and preachers as well as a mom celebrating her last pregnancy.
So no matter what your special occasion is, call us and we would love to capture it for you!

What Do We Do?

We take your most precious pictures and memories and place them in beautiful albums so you can have them for not only now, but for generations to come!

What Is Different About Us?

  • We care.  What we do is more than a business to us.  We listen and we care about capturing the essence of your occasion.  We care about capturing the history of your life and chronologically placing it in albums.
  • No request is just routine. We place what’s in your heart in your albums.
  • No two albums are alike.



  • Personalized service
  • Each album is personalized for you
  • We are always available to answer any questions


Debra Luster

My camera and I have been one for as long as I can remember. I see life in pictures. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, my mind is always capturing it in pictures. I am always recreating history in pictures. A child in mid- summer in a clown’s outfit, I grab the camera. A beautiful old woman in rags, broken dreams, broken teeth, but not broken spirit, I capture it. Joys, sorrows, everyday life, a sharp pair of shoes on someone’s feet, no matter, all in my mind’s eye, all in my spirit, all I see are pictures.

As a child, my mom was forever getting on me about putting my camera down. When friends, classmates and family saw me coming, they would hide their faces, for they knew when they least expected it, they would be captured. It’s a part of who I am.

My photography is a gift from God. With the camera, I am able to capture the essence of whatever is going on around me. It comes from within. My dad brought me my first camera when I was in grammar school. I would take it everywhere I went and shoot whatever was going on. When I have my camera, there’s an excitement in me that I can not explain.

I enjoy recreating a person’s life, their passion, their career and placing it in beautiful albums. I think it’s awesome when in the quiet of the night you can pull out pictures, old and new and read the words alongside those pictures that tell stories of your history and you are able to remember when with gladness of heart.

Nothing is more rewarding than looking at the joy on a person’s face when they see the beauty of their pictures, when they see their history so beautifully captured. What an awesome gift God has blessed me with!

I am able to listen and pull out what’s important to a person and capture it and place it in albums or slideshows – history.

“Allow me to customize and capture your life, your special event, with my gift.
Let’s partner together!”