Review by Apostle Richard D. Henton

I want to salute Debbie for her tremendous work and digit strides that she has made in taking pictures in the ministry, the way the Lord has used her. There is such clarity in the way the pictures have been taken. I believe that God has anointed her to do this because it’s in her heart, it’s in her spirit. God can’t help but carry her to plains of lofty heights and I salute you Debbie for it, because what you are doing, it adds to the ministry.

A picture is better than a thousand words. What people hear, it only registers 20%, but what people see, it registers 80%. What people hear and see registers 100 percent. You are God’s vessel in this. Everybody wants to be behind the pulpit preaching a sermon or teaching a lesson, but a picture is better than a thousand words. Not only have I noticed the clarity in the pictures you have taken of the different individuals and even the pictures of me, but there is an anointing that the pictures you have taken capture and that’s amazing!

We can capture the anointing, basically, through sound when it comes down to prayer or a person preaching, but to know that the anointing can be captured with a photograph, that is unusual. And, it looks like this is what God has allowed you to capture, the anointing. God bless you for it and I salute you. If I know God, you can’t go under for going over!

Apostle Richard D. Henton
Chicago, IL

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