Review by Cetrina Williams

It is an absolute pleasure to give a brief synopsis on Debra Luster’s professional work.

I first experienced her work over 12 years ago and has been a fan every since.

She worked on my daughter’s baby shower and I must admit, everything was done higher than my expectations.  The photographs were very clear and she operated like a true professional.  I didn’t have to worry about giving any instructions.  When she presented the photo album, I was stunned.  Her work really told a story.

Since then, she has photographed my daughters Christening, several banquet dinners, she has created numerous albums for me and I always told her for years, I want her to photograph my wedding.

She flies like a butterfly when she is in her professional zone.  She floats, she is quiet, and she is beautiful and operates with the colors of a butterfly’s wing when she has that camera in her hand.

Her work tells your story and not hers.  She leaves nothing out. The pictures Debra presents are priceless.  You don’t have to wonder what happened during your event.

I love and trust her professionally.  I would recommend Debra Luster to anyone for their event.

“Thank You”, “Thank You”, “Thank You” times infinity Debra…..

Cetrina Williams

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