Review by Jeanette Jones

I would like to address the work that was performed for me by Sis. Debra Luster.  In my opinion her work is FANTASTIC.  I have been a client of hers for over 9 years.  Her work is so good that when she would create the Memory Books for our church anniversary, I would get a second book and send it to Alabama to my parents every year.  They would look forward to receiving the books.  They thought the work was so great that they would show it to all of their friends in Alabama and also the other churches that they were affiliated with.  Her work impressed them so much that some of the churches used part of her format to develop their own for their church anniversaries.

I would recommend Ms. Luster to any and everyone that would like to know my opinion of her work.  I plan to continue to work with her as much as possible in the future.

Jeanette Jones
Demopolis, AL

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