Review by Vera Brooks

Dear Debra,

It was so good seeing you again after about 20 years +. You look wonderful and I see that God is still using you in the photography ministry.

I remember the pictures you took of me in your home and how beautiful they were. I have the bigger one on Dear Debra,

Debra, God has truly blessed you with such a unique ministry and gift/talent and we give him the praise for that. I believe that this year is the year that God will manifest his power and anointing upon this awesome ministry he has entrusted in your care. Use it wisely, whatever he commands you to do, do it to the glory of God. Don’t come down or compromise what the Father is doing in your life. Continue to look to the hills from whence comest your help and know that your help come from the Lord.

God bless and keep you is my prayer,

May God’s rich and signature blessings be yours.

Evangelist Vera M. Brooks
Ordained Minister & Elder
Chicago, IL

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