Review by Vernal Henton

We no longer have the Testimonial Dinner for Pastor Henton and we were talking about our most memorable dinner where we all wore the top hats and tuxes. The kids were all little girls at the time and now they’re grown. Everybody speaks of the dinners but says we went over the top on that particular dinner and we have so many pictures you took to show for it. You took your time after the dinner and took individual, family and group pictures of all of us. Every now and then, we take out all the boxes of pictures of the dinners and just enjoy going down memory lane.

God is a wonder. The heavy rains came and with the kids playing in the basement, the sunk pump came out of the wall. We had more water than we’ve ever had and I was afraid all those pictures were lost. But thank God, they were up high enough on the shelf where the rain didn’t get to them. Those pictures are priceless. Every box is still in pristine condition. Every album of pictures is still beautiful.

Each year, you would give Preacher (Pastor Henton) a box with an imprinted album in it just like ours. Your pictures are priceless. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I don’t have a thousand words, but I do have boxes of priceless pictures and they are everything to us. The way you boxed them, dated the albums and told a story with the pictures, absolutely perfect!

I thank God for preserving them. I hope they mean as much to whomever we pass them down to as they mean to Gwen and me. You did a fantastic job and know that we love you.

Vernal Henton
Chicago, IL

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